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Everybody has bad skin days. I know I do.

For some of us, those days can turn into weeks at their worst! Dry skin, breakouts that just don’t seem to heal, that je ne sais quoi - and I don’t mean that in the good way…it’s frustrating to say the least.

When you can’t put your best face forward it seems to take a toll on your entire outlook. Paris Rendezvous Oftentimes, environmental factors such as weather, travel, change of seasons, stress, and pollution can cause fragility on the skin’s surface, sometimes it all just feels so out of my control. I want to take that back, the control. I know we can’t wake up and change everything in an instant but when bad skin is bothering us, we can make a quick decision before anything and take some pressure off ourselves.

Go ahead, say it with me — “Bad skin days happen, I’m only human!”

Now you can be proactive with some peace of mind, and trust me, relieving stress is the first thing to do wonders for your skin. The second is the new Advanced Génifique Sensitive.Bad skin days are a sensitive issue which is why Lancôme created a sensitive solution, literally. This rescue remedy is revolutionary, elevating the already amazing Advanced Génifique by giving it an ultra-fresh boost of antioxidants right when your skin needs them most. The dual serum system works to soothe skin immediately, and throughout a month or so of use, restore skin’s barrier function to make it strong and healthy again.


Hold on to your Advanced Génifique Sensitive

Step 1 — Twist the ampoule clockwise until the pure Ferulic Acid and pure Vitamin E dose is released. This fresh release system was designed to ensure that it’s ingredients remain ultra pure and potent so they’re most effective when you need them.

Step 2 — Give it a shake back and forth and up and down until the two serums are blended together thoroughly.

Step 3 — Toss the ampoule and replace it with the regular silver dropper which you’ll use from now on to dispense your serum before applying.

Step 4 — Glide it on silky smooth with your hands, always being gentle with your skin and focus on the areas that are bothering you the most. You’ll see your skin calmed immediately and restored to it’s healthy state in the coming days and weeks.


Be sure to keep your Advanced Génifique Sensitive stored in a cool place, to protect the power of the antioxidant serum. In fact, popping it in the fridge and applying it cool can really be lovely for summer skin woes, like too much sun exposure for example. The serum will help your skin strengthen itself against UV rays and infrared radiation. But in winter too, when skin is dry and compromised, use Advanced Génifique Sensitive to face the freeze.


Every woman should have Advanced Génifique Sensitive in her beauty arsenal. I picked one up to store away for the next time bad skin days come around. When they do I won’t sweat it, and instead, can bid them au revoir and put my best face forward again!

Love, Like Beauty Editor