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Julia Robers Lancome's ambassadressJulia Roberts Lancôme's ambassadress

Julia Roberts is a true Hollywood icon, with an enduring and dazzling career. She is recognized around the world for her infectious smile and girl-next-door coolness, joined the Lancôme family as an ambassadress in early 2010. “It’s kind of like every girl’s dream, really, to be 42 and have three kids and be a working mom,” says Roberts. “It’s a great moment to be asked to do this and to be able to do it. I think it says a lot about Lancôme and what they stand for”.

Penelope Cruz Lancome's ambassadressPenelope Cruz Lancôme's ambassadress

Penélope Cruz, Lancôme’s newest ambassadress—and the first Spanish actress to ever win an Academy Award—stars in the romantic commercials and print advertising for Lancôme's iconic Trésor fragrance. “Lancôme is like an homage to all women,” says Penélope about the new relationship. “It’s also an homage to love, the way all these women have been photographed over the years.”

Kate Winslet Lancome's ambassadressKate Winslet Lancôme's ambassadress

Kate Winslet embodies the most exuberant and romantic qualities of the Lancôme brand. Unwaveringly genuine and beautifully elegant, she was the most natural choice to represent the emotion and passion of Lancôme. On screen and off, Kate Winslet is a free spirit and a modern woman. “I didn’t feel that I was just being asked to be the face of something,” she says. “It was me as a person – and my message to women about being real in who you are and comfortable in your skin.”